DIY Easy Wire Christmas Wreath

This is not an ordinary Christmas wreath with evergreen leaves and impressive decoration… Read more via DIY Easy Wire Christmas Wreath


DIY Snowy Pine Cones

DIY Snowy Pine Cones…

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DIY Easy Paper Christmas Tree Display

Merry Christmas everyone 🎄🎄🎄!!!
Remembering and sharing an older Christmas post today…

Creative and Impressive Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas

One of the things I really enjoy when I have some time to relax during Christmas preparations and other obligations, it’s to scroll down Pinterest and find new gift wrapping ideas, playful and extraordinary…

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DIY Snowy Pine Cones

After years of crafting, I separate DIY projects into three categories: easy and useful, beautiful but so much wasting time, and “so you” in order to be neglected, yet difficult. The previous years I have made many DIY Christmas ornaments and decorations. Some of them have survived, some were donated, but a lot of them didn’t make it. So, this year I decided to spend my time on a project that will be easy, practical and useful. Continue reading “DIY Snowy Pine Cones”

DIY Advent Calendar 2016


Hello, everyone! Happy December! We have reached winter as the temperature goes down and down. Yesterday we saw the first snow of the year … yeah!!! And, my 5-year-old son and I had a crafty mood. We put our pens, scissors and chocolates on the desk in order to create our Advent Calendar for 2016. It is difficult to give guidelines in a strong-willed kid that believes his way is better but we cooperated well by leaving space and choices, eating some of the chocolates and making folders for more than 24 days!

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