20 + 1 Different Items And Ideas To Organize Jewelry

photo credit: jwp on Flickr

Organizing jewelry and accessories is one of home organizing riddles. The idea of organizing them properly in a practical order and in a place that we can use them every time is always challenging. Recently I’ve decided to use a dreamcatcher for my long earrings, which are plenty and always end up in a box untidy. Here I share with you a big list of everyday items and DIY ideas that everyone can make and use easily to organize all the jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc).

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20 and 1 Fancy Wine Cork Crafts and Cork Board Projects Ideas You’ll Love

I really love making useful things from nothing. It’s a great way to practice my creativity, repurposing and upcycling old things. One of my favourite natural materials is wine corks. During the year I gather them and then I start searching what to do with them. The previous year I made a wine cork bulletin board for our family notifications. You can find it here

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Make A Bulletin Board With Wine Corks

It’s wonderful to use everything in order to make useful things. I always gathered wine corks and finally I found the way to make something wonderful with them so easily.

I will need

○ few wine corks
○ a large photo frame
○ silicone gun
○ hot silicone glue, transparent
○ kitchen knife
○ acrylic paints (optional)

1• Cut the wine corks in 3-4 slices.
2• Remove any glass or other paper layer from the photo frame. Leave only its backing board.
3• Try to put the corks in an order that covers all the backing board.
4•  Glue the corks’ slices one next to another. Cut slices in the middle to fill the remain gaps.
5• Paint some of the corks (optional).