Home Office Spring update and cleaning tips

Spring is here officially! I think that many of us have this feeling to refresh and revamp our home for spring. I usually start with my home office area. So, in this post, I share my home office cleaning tips with you some cute home office accessories and other findings for more inspiration. 

The steps that I follow for a deep spring home office cleaning:

  • I make a plan for my space with the areas that are more cluttered and start from there.
  • I bring out all my stuff and clean up literally all the surfaces inside the drawers, cupboards, etc. I use a microfiber cloth and warm soapy water.
  • I categorize my stuff to broken, useless and necessary. I throw away the first one, give away the second one and keep only the third.
  • I organize the things I use most on my desk or in the top drawer using “clever” organizers.
  • With a can of compressed air and electronics cleaning wipes, I give a deep cleaning for all my devices, laptop, phone, etc.
  • When I feel that my wall decor is somehow uninspiring, I refresh it by adding new posters with vibrant colors and Spring-inspired themes. 

Are you have your own special Spring cleaning tips or tricks to share? Feel free to share them in the comments. I would gladly hear them.

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Featured items

  1. Lincoln Long Storage Nest     |     Gilt

  2. 5 Drawer Desktop Storage Unit – White       |      Target

  3. Rose Quartz Sophia Leather Jewelry Box      |     Zulily

  4. Rainbow Cookie 22-Oz. Candle     |     Zulily

  5. Art Board      |     Redbubble

  6. LED Vivica Desk Lamp      |   Gilt

  7. Rose Otto Candle       |      Williams-Sonoma

  8. Wayfair Antle Upholstered Office Chair     |    Joss & Main

  9. Blush Pen Cup       |     Anthropologie

  10. The Pure Candle Prosperity & Gratitude Candle Set     |     Gilt

  11. ban.do Good Vibes Write on It Pens/Set of 3     |     Saks Fifth Avenue

Home office. Spring update
home set via urstyle.com


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