DIY Easy Paper Christmas Trees Display

I decided to start with an easy Christmas project using materials that I already have from older DIY projects: bamboo sticks from my sunburst mirror project and wooden slices that my father-in-law had cut for me before many months, but I hadn’t concluded what to do with them, so I left them in a box waiting.


  • one wooden slice (approximately 10cm, or 4 inches diameter)
  • four bamboo sticks
  • different kind of craft papers, or cardboard
  • a marker
  • scissors
  • craft glue
  • a drill
  • hot glue and a silicone gun


  1. For every tree, we will need three identical tree paper shapes in order to make a 3D Christmas tree. That means twelve shapes for four Christmas trees.
  2. We make a pattern of a Christmas tree in a sheet of paper by folding it in the half, draw it with a marker and cut it along the lines. And, then we make other three smaller tree patterns in order to have four Christmas trees of different sizes.
  3. For every size, we will need three pieces of craft paper or cardboard. We stuck the pieces together and cut them along our tree pattern.
  4. We glue side by side the three pieces and place the stick in the center. On the top, I glue a small golden star. You can make it using gold cardboard.
  5. We make four small holes on the wooden slice, using a small drill.
  6. We put hot glue in the holes and place the stick in it. We hold every tree with our hands for a minute until it is stabilized.

Hugs and kisses…


11 thoughts on “DIY Easy Paper Christmas Trees Display

  1. καταπληκτικο Ιωαννα!!!! μου αρεσει παρα πολυ και μπορει να χρησιμοποιηθει και ως δωρακι. τελειο!


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