Living Room. Swan decor inspiration

Swans are symbols of grace, beauty, loyalty and commitment. From the ancient times, they are associated with love, poetry and art. Recently I had the chance to photograph some of these beautiful birds. It is not only their appearance, or the artworks and the tales about them that place them on the throne of birds, but also some facts that always impress us.


Five facts I knew or didn’t know about swans, which are quite amazing for birds:

1 • Swans mate for life.

2 • They have approximately 25000 feathers.

3 • They can fly for 60 miles per hour.

4 • They are intelligent and remember who was kind to them.

5 • Black swans actually exist and they are native to Australia.

home set by Joanna_ARTbyJWP via polyvore

featured items

  1. Modern lighting    |
  2. Chevron throw pillow      |
  3. Wall clock      |
  4. Swarovski figurine      |
  5. Black candle holder      |
  6. Sloane Stationery – Monochrome Play Notebook     | 
  7. Modern furniture     |
  8. Ciel mesh chair      |

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