Home Office Spring update and cleaning tips

Spring is here officially! I think that many of us have this feeling to refresh and revamp our home for spring. I usually start with my home office area. So, in this post, I share my home office cleaning tips with you some cute home office accessories and other findings for more inspiration. 

The steps that I follow for a deep spring home office cleaning:

  • I make a plan for my space with the areas that are more cluttered and start from there.
  • I bring out all my stuff and clean up literally all the surfaces inside the drawers, cupboards, etc. I use a microfiber cloth and warm soapy water.
  • I categorize my stuff to broken, useless and necessary. I throw away the first one, give away the second one and keep only the third.
  • I organize the things I use most on my desk or in the top drawer using “clever” organizers.
  • With a can of compressed air and electronics cleaning wipes, I give a deep cleaning for all my devices, laptop, phone, etc.
  • When I feel that my wall decor is somehow uninspiring, I refresh it by adding new posters with vibrant colors and Spring-inspired themes. 

Are you have your own special Spring cleaning tips or tricks to share? Feel free to share them in the comments. I would gladly hear them.

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Featured items

  1. Lincoln Long Storage Nest     |     Gilt

  2. 5 Drawer Desktop Storage Unit – White       |      Target

  3. Rose Quartz Sophia Leather Jewelry Box      |     Zulily

  4. Rainbow Cookie 22-Oz. Candle     |     Zulily

  5. Art Board      |     Redbubble

  6. LED Vivica Desk Lamp      |   Gilt

  7. Rose Otto Candle       |      Williams-Sonoma

  8. Wayfair Antle Upholstered Office Chair     |    Joss & Main

  9. Blush Pen Cup       |     Anthropologie

  10. The Pure Candle Prosperity & Gratitude Candle Set     |     Gilt

  11. ban.do Good Vibes Write on It Pens/Set of 3     |     Saks Fifth Avenue

Home office. Spring update
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One thought on “Home Office Spring update and cleaning tips

  1. I always have been unsure about how to clean between the keys on laptop. Now I need to go out and buy a can of compressed air. Thank you for the tip! One thing we struggle with is the filing, the build up of letters and paid invoices sitting in the tray. We should get in the habit of filing them straight away.

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