Dining Room Scandinavian Update


One of my goals for this month is to update our dining room. Yet, it is difficult to schedule anything when every week we have new unexpected challenges to face and the result is always to delay inessential expenses. I try to stay optimistic hoping that I will manage to complete this update till the end of the year.

This wishlist is about my preferences for a minimal Scandinavian style dining room. I think that most of the people wouldn’t choose a polycarbonate chair for their dining room – my hubby is one of them. But, I really love the light design of these side chairs and I think that they would be so easy in cleaning. What do you think about this style for dining room? Would you choose it?


              1. Side Chair by FamisCorp

              2. Parisot Warren Extendable Dining Table

              3. DwellStudio Icelandic Shag and Flokati Ivory Area Rug 

              4. Coretto 1 Light Globe Pendant 

              5. Pierson Recycled Glass Vase Size

              6. Yamazaki USA Tosca Accessory Tray

              7. Faux Berry Spray

              8. Kure Quad Metal Candelabra

              9. Dansk Classic Fjord Serving Bowl





Collage: Joanna _ ARTbyJWP / findawaybyjwp.com








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