Book Review: Energy Intelligence: Personal Power Through Spiritual Awareness by Aleksandra Zaric

In the “Energy Intelligence: Personal Power Through Spiritual Awareness“,  Aleksandra Zaric, an Australian award-winning author and a former Business Analyst in Project Management, shares with direct and vivid writing style her own journey to self-awareness and the way she managed to create a mindful spiritual life


Following the path of the well-known Law of Attraction, Aleksandra Zaric begins with the power of the human mind and the limitations that we create to our life. But, she doesn’t stop there. She also examines other universal laws that may benefit our lives if we understand them and learn how to use them: the law of energy, the law of rhythm, the law of focus and belief, the law of opposites, the law of positive comparison and the law of action. I must admit that this was my favorite part of the book because the writer categorizes brilliantly common knowledge and she connects it successfully with common situations that all meet to our lives.

Moreover, Aleksandra Zaric divides the intelligence to lower and higher and analyzes their different powers. Anger, fear, ego, addictions, and distractions are expressing our lower intelligence. And, gratitude, forgiveness, worthiness, knowledge, trust, as well as breath, now, love, and light consist our higher intelligence. According to Aleksandra Zaric, awakening our lower and higher intelligence by understanding and control these powers is another key that brings us closer a mindful life.

The last chapters analyze more practical things, from ways to map our goals to exercises, like visualization, affirmations, and meditation. I believe that this is the difficult part of the book because it requires concentration, commitment, and, of course, more readings. Fortunately, the guidelines are easy to follow if you are ready to embrace these practices.

To conclude, Energy Intelligence: Personal Power Through Spiritual Awareness is a great choice for all. Especially, for those who want to expand their self-awareness and mindfulness. Or, for those who seek a positive and spiritual way to achieve their dreams. Whether you believe in the Law of Attraction or not, you will definitely feel inspired by the pages of this book and be motivated to fulfill your life goals and, -why not? – your New Year’s resolutions.


I read Energy Intelligence: Personal Power Through Spiritual Awareness” for free in exchange for my honest, personal and subjective review. I want to thank the author, Aleksandra Zaric, and the BookTasters for this great life-changing opportunity.

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