Fall Fashion Suede Trend 2018

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Fashion trends for Fall / Winter 2018 will be still inspired by ’70s and among them guess what do we find again? Skirts and dresses made by suede or faux suede. Not so new material for other accessories like bags and shoes, but skirts … it’s definitely refreshing!

Do you like suede? I think it’s ideal for the chill weather of this season and I love to match it with suede accessories and soft sweaters. If you haven’t included in your closet yet, in this post you will find some cute suede clothing for your Fall outfits.


Pink   Suede


pink suede


sneakers      |       saddle bag      |      suede top



Camel   Suede



camel suede.png


suede skirt     |     flat mules      |     suede tee



Mustard    /    Yellow     Suede


yellow suede.png


suede top     |      sneakers     |       suede coat


Burgundy    /     Red     Suede


burgundy red suede.png


biker jacket     |     slingback flats       |      suede pants



Black   Suede


black suede.png


suede skirt     |     backpack    |     suede boots







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