Creativebug Online classes: Capturing Complex Scenes with Acrylic Ink Painting

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Are you familiar with acrylic ink? Have you ever tried it? In this post, I gladly share with you the new online classes with Creativebug and the artist Missy Dunaway on an advanced foray into sketchbook painting.

Missy works with acrylic ink to render two complex scenes that capture the romance and nostalgia of the moment. In each painting, she mixes nuanced shades from a limited selection of colors and works in loads of detail. Missy shares her technique for mixing ink on the page, pushing and pulling elements until reaching the desired effect. Finally, she shows how to re-evaluate the darks and lights to pull the image into dazzling balance.

Learn how to:
  • Paint a complex daylight landscape
  • Break down compositions into masses of color
  • Work with acrylic ink out of the jar
  • Work in layers, painting lights on top of darks
  • Apply impressionistic color theory
  • Mix ink on the page
  • Work quickly, letting go of perfection and working with mistakes

For more info: Acrylic Ink Painting: Capturing Complex Scenes



Screenshot (8).png



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