Online classes: Daily Mixed Media Challenge with designer Mou Saha and Creativebug

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After a long time, Creativebug online classes are back with their new mixed media daily challenge. Invigorate your art practice by joining designer and Faber-Castell creative Mou Saha for a month of mixed media exploration. Each day, Mou shares her favorite techniques for adding textures, creating layers, playing with color, and transforming trash into treasure. This series is a skill-building powerhouse that will enhance your mixed media work and open your eyes to new possibilities in your art journal. With enthusiasm and ingenuity, Mou makes it fun and exciting to use familiar materials in new ways and introduces you to a whole host of materials you may have never considered.


Learn how to:
  • Work with whipped spackle, honey medium, and gel medium to create unique textures
  • Use unusual and discarded items in your artwork
  • Create full pages of artwork with each medium
  • Incorporate reverse stencils and stamping into artwork
  • Create unusual effects with bleach, water, Vaseline, and other household materials


For more info: Daily Mixed Media Challenge with Mou Saha


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