Get The Style. Living Room Botanical

The botanical decoration is always a great choice for the wall, especially in this season where the green color is included in the trends among pastels and whites. Green color has this power to add life and freshness in every space, whether it is a piece of art, a cushion, an armchair and a sofa, a plant, or the color of the walls. It’s balancing nature brings harmony in our home. It also symbolizes growth and hope. So, what do you think? Would you add the green color in your home?

Featured items

    1. Jonathan Adler rectangle chandelier lighting  |
    2. West Elm cream colored rug  |
    3. Ferm LIVING brass flower pot  |
    4. Framed art print  |
    5. Rectangular pillow  |
    6. Floral decor   |
    7. Uma metal candle   |
    8. Copper home decor  |
    9. Oak sideboard  |
    10. Accent chair   |
    11. Gold cocktail table   |



Wish you all a beautiful Tuesday … xoxo!!!





Collage by ARTbyJWP via Polyvore





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