How to Keep your Peruvian Virgin Hair Extensions Looking Good

Preparing to make a fabulous hairdo might need some thought and planning because there are many hair products and hair extensions in the market and without proper knowledge of them it may be tough purchasing the right hair type you want. Peruvian hair extension is one of the most popular virgin hair extensions used and it produces a result to be admired, but before you go ahead to buy your bundles there are some things you should know about Peruvian hair.



As the name suggests, Peruvian hair used for wigs and simple hair extensions are usually gotten from villages in Peru where women donate their hair for various reasons while some sell to human hair companies which are eventually processed to produce different variants of Peruvian hair.

Peruvian virgin hair is normally more coarse than its counterparts (Brazilian and Indian hair), this just means that the hair strands are thicker but despite its coarse nature, Peruvian hair has a soft feel that makes it very pleasant to touch. Peruvian hair is lustrous with a natural hair sheen that is easy to maintain since even in cases of lower maintenance, Peruvian hair can go on looking good for a longer time than other hair types. The soft nature of the hair has an effect on its style retaining ability; that is it may not retain its styled curl as long as the previously compared hairs, but the softness gives it a very natural feel.

Peruvian hair comes in different shades of brown color from light to darker brown, the color and texture of Peruvian make it extremely easy for it to blend with African American hair and relaxed hair textures. Thus, making it a go-to choice for extensions especially when people plan to leave out some of their hair rather than cover it all up in a wig.

Many people consider Peruvian hair a good choice of hair not just for its texture but also for its body. Peruvian hair has a full body volume due to its texture, giving a beautiful bouncy look when fixed and despite this volume, Peruvian hair is still very lightweight. You get to enjoy the volume of hair without the strain of carrying extra weight on your head; this is perhaps the most attractive feature of Peruvian hair as compared to the others because its added volume gives off a look and feel of healthy natural hair.



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