Fall In Love With Creativity And Creativebug

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love. But, in my opinion, it’s not “conditio sine qua non” to feel in love with a person in order to be affected by St. Valentine. You can feel in love with your life, your work, your best friends, your pet, your creations, your music, or with whatever else you have this gut feeling.

So, I’m happy to share with you a different aspect of love. The aspect to be in love with creativity. With this great motto, which is so me, Viewbug makes a different proposal for Valentine’s Day with a Limited time offer: Get 1 free class to keep forever + a one month free trial to Creativebug!.

Also, there are Valentine’s Day Love Bugs lessons with Courtney Cerruti. In these lessons, Courtney Cerruti shows us how to create hand-sewn felt envelopes for stashing treats and love notes, complete with stamped motifs and contrasting yarn embellishments for extra cuteness. Best of all, included in this class are printable Valentine’s—the perfect size to slip into your finished felt pouch.

Whether you are interested or not, I think those creations and photos are definitely cute and spread last minute ideas for Valentine’s gifts. What do you think?

Wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day … xoxo!!!


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