Daily Book Art Challenge: A Month of Book Art Ideas with Faith Hale on Creativebug


Are you familiar with book art? Book Art is a way to merge art and bookbinding techniques to make a one-of a-kind handmade book. Today, I’m glad to share with you a Daily Book Art Challenge with Faith Hale.

With a Master’s degree in book art and creative writing, Creativebug staffer Faith Hale shares her passion by demonstrating a technique, structure, or prompt every day for an entire month. Working alongside Faith, you will create a totally unique book page by page, building skills and techniques as you go. You’ll learn how to cut flaps, create pop ups and moving pieces, discover inspiration, cull language from found sources, and use text in new and inspiring ways. These pages come together to create a sampler of techniques, and at the end of the month, you will learn how to create a text block, add hard board covers, and bind your book.


Learn how to:

  • Make great book art
  • Create folio spreads one day at a time
  • Create windows, flaps, pop ups and other three-dimensional forms
  • Use a bone folder
  • Glue out pages
  • Make a stacked folio binding
  • Make hard covers
  • Alter existing book pages



For more info read here.


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