Online Lessons. Painted Cookies & Cakes With Wilton Exclusively On Creativebug

Hello everyone! September is here… Fall is here… I thought that the only one way to start the first week of this “back-to-reality” month is sweatness and creativity. So, I’m glad to share with you the new online lessons for Painted Cookies and Cakes taught by Wilton instructors and exclusively on Creativebug

In this comprehensive course for culinary artists, cake decorating meets surface design. Using icing gel colors, buttercream, decorator brushes and palette knives, long-time Wilton instructor, Robin Mueller, shows how to turn a variety of cake-and-cookie canvases into edible works of art. Best of all, the techniques shown in this series are approachable for all levels, and the cookies can be made in advance for easy entertaining. The lessons are divided in three parts.

Part 1. 

Learn how to add watercolor effects to cookies and cakes

Learn how to play with icing gel color and to add watercolor effects to cookies and cakes. Painter and cake decorator, Robin Mueller, shows how to create bold strokes, flowing shapes, and even delicate floral motifs that look like they could be painted on tea cups. All of these techniques are demonstrated on cookies covered in royal icing or fondant, though they could easily be done on cakes or other sweet treats.

Part 2.

Learn how to create embroidery effects with royal icing and buttercream

In Part 2, Robin uses tinted buttercream to create painterly effects on cakes and cookies. Learn how to apply buttercream with a palette knife to create bold impasto-style strokes, or how to smooth delicately colored icing to create a soft watercolor effect. Finally, you’ll learn how to paint with buttercream on cookies to create lacy, delicate designs that mimic embroidery.

Part 3.

Learn how to add shimmer and pearl dusts to create luminous effects on cookies and cakes

As a final flourish, learn how to use color dusts and pearl dusts to create colorful, shimmering effects on cookies and cakes. You’ll learn the proper way to apply dusts using both wet and dry techniques, and how to create ombre effects on cakes. Robin shares ideas for adding metallic accents to the cakes and cookies shown in this series as well as store-bought treats that need to be kicked up a notch.


Whether you are cooking fan or not, these techniques seem amazing and I hope you enjoy these stunning creations and beautiful photos as much as I did.

Hugs & Kisses,




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