Travel stories. Love Is A Temple On The Mystical Beach of Aliki in Thasos Island

U2 are singing the “One”. Their lyrics make rounds in my head… “Love is a temple. Love the higher law.” It is not the first time these ideas meet me. I studied Antigone of Sophocles in my youth. She lost her life because she had put her love for her brother above any law and any power. But, this is a story for a different post.

Details / Temple of Dioskouroi

Here, on the south east edge of the Greek island Thassos, these lyrics are fitted so perfectly. The reason lies on the right side of the beach. The eyes stop to the ancient ruins of the sanctuary dedicated to Dioscuri. Their story proves that love can make you immortal, love can build a temple dedicated to you, and love can even send you to the stars. And, all these can happen with One (thing), love.

When it's windy by ioanna papanikolaou CSC_1586

According to Greek mythology, when the twin brothers Castor and Pollux (Dioscuri), were about to be separated by death, Pollux begged his father, God Zeus, to give in his immortality to his mortal brother in order to save him. The end of this story has several versions. But the fact is that this unconditional fraternal love made Dioscuri a constellation of the zodiac supposedly shaped like a pair of twins, containing the stars Castor and Pollux, known to us with the name Gemini. Did you know?

Ancient Marble Quarries by ioanna papanikolaou DSC_0296_3463

This ancient sanctuary is located on Aliki beach of Thassos Island here in Greece. And, its strong vibes combined with the wilderness of the scenery make this place unforgettable. I couldn’t do anything less than share my photos and my thoughts from this extraordinary place with you!

Olive Tree by Ioanna Papanikolaou CSC_1590

Wish you all a beautiful day!

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2 thoughts on “Travel stories. Love Is A Temple On The Mystical Beach of Aliki in Thasos Island

  1. I love this post! I love the information and I will forever think of Gemini differently! I love mythology and I think I would love Greece… I’ve run out of love statements… oh! and I love the photos!!! (That is as close to Greece as I will get.) ~Kim

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