Quotes About Learning To Let Go. Inspired By The Orange Girl (Jostein Gaarder)



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I have a strange relationship with movies. I really love cinema and I enjoy watching movies of different styles and from different cultures and countries. Yet, I like to spend some periods without watching anything in order to reflect on what I have seen before jumping into the next story.

So, yesterday after a long time I watched a film that I haven’t seen before although it was released in 2009. The Orange Girl (Appelsinpiken) is a Norwegian drama/romance, directed by Eva Dahr and the screenplay is based on Jostein Gaarder novel, The Orange Girl.

Jostein Gaarder, a Norwegian intellectual and author, was the reason I chose this movie. He was one of my favorite authors in my adolescence. His best-seller, Sophie’s World, was a treasure of 403 pages about philosophy and knowledge through the eyes of a girl. As a Greek student, I was familiar to ancient Greek philosophers, yet the book had surprised me positively by its effort to transfer complicated ideas with clear and simple language, understandable to everyone.

Fortunately, the movie had intrigued me the same. It was realistic with dramatic elements that the heroes were trying to battle with through philosophical questions and a thoughtful view. “The Orange Girl” story is about a boy named Georg that his father died eleven years ago when he was only four. When Georg becomes sixteen-years-old, his mother gives him three letters written by his father to him just before he died. In the letters, Georg reads a story – riddle from the past that begins with an incident in his father’s youth, asking his son to help him finally solve the puzzle of Orange Girl’s identity.

All the movie was very touching without extremes offering a more sober perspective of how to handle a big loss, like this, and let go the grief and inner anger about life. In this post, I gather my favorite quotes from Jostein Gaarder’s book that they are also in the movie. I think they help us appreciate what we have now and live all the precious moments of our life. I hope you will find them inspiring, too.


I. “Life is short for those who are truly able to understand that one day the entire world will come to a complete end.”


II. “But the dream of something unlikely has its own special name. We call it hope.”


III. “We can’t own each other’s past. The question is whether we have a future together.”


IV. “Things can be so nice here that it’s terribly painful to think that at some point the days will run out. What would you have chosen, if there had been some higher power that had given you the choice? Perhaps we can imagine some sort of cosmic fairy in this great, strange fairytale. What you have chosen to live a life on earth at some point, whether short or long, in a hundred thousand or a hundred million years? Or would you have refused to join in the game because you didn’t like the rules?”


V. “If I’d chosen never to the foot inside the great fairytale, I’d never have known what I’ve lost. Do you see what I’m getting at? Sometimes it’s worse for us human beings to lose something dear to us than never to have had it at all.”


Wish you a beautiful day … xoxo!!!


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