Inspirational Stories. How To Make Life Simple Again

It is true that sometimes we invent 60000 ways to make our life complicated. So, the best way to start a new week is to think positively and be inspired by motivational stories for a simple life. This post refers to an interesting article I found on Marc & Angel Hack Life with the title 60 Ways To Make Life Simple Again.

I was surprised to read my life’s struggles gathered in less than a hundred sentences. And, their answer is so simple but this is the hard part in life, to be simple and precise yet fulfilled.

It goes without saying that we should do what makes us good. Be yourself, be honest with yourself and others, smile often, apologize when you should, eat well, sleep well, exercise frequently, organize your space, pay your bills, make mistakes, mature.

And, just don’t spend our energy fruitlessly. Don’t do what keeps us back to aimless negativity. Don’t waste our life by living other people’s dreams. Stay out of their drama. Be polite but don’t try to be a friend with everyone around us, or try to please everyone. Don’t try to read other’s mind. Just communicate. Ask questions. Find nice people who are smart, driven, and like-minded. Find people who fill your gaps. And, when you find them nurture your relationships. Live wisely I would add and keep a clear plan. This could make things easier when life becomes complicated. Do you think?

Wish you all a beautiful day!

9 thoughts on “Inspirational Stories. How To Make Life Simple Again

    1. We all need to remember and repeat positive thoughts now and then!!! It’s so enhancing and revitalizing!!! Thank you for your kind words and for passing by!!! Have a beautiful day ♥♥♥!!!


    1. True if you leave in a place (like you and me … ) where no one can say how many times they will change the number and the amount on your bills 😦 … Definitely, you need super powers plus Zen exercises to keep your mind sober in an environment of chaotic complexity!!! Maybe that’s why I’m so obsessed with simplicity and minimalism … Kryptonite anyone ??? ♥ ♥ ♥


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