My Capsule Wardrobe For Spring 2017


The idea of a wardrobe capsule is old (you can read its history here). The term counts its year from the 70s and it is coined to the owner of the London boutique “Wardrobe”, Susie Faux. Donna Karan was the first to present this idea on the famous fashion runways with her popular “7 easy pieces” collection in the middle ’80s.

The essence of a capsule wardrobe is to be parted from easily-combined clothes and accessories that follow the same style and concept in order to create numerous outfits by wearing gradually all of them. In a wardrobe capsule, I believe there is no place for clothes that we have to wear them more than two months.


Here, I present an example of a spring wardrobe capsule with 20 items that they match together effortlessly and they can create more than 200 outfits. I feel that this is both unbelievable and fantastic!

What do you think about?
Wish you all beautiful day … xoxo!!!


Collage: Joanna _ ARTbyJWP

via Polyvore


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