11 Pair Of Transition Shoes From Winter To Spring


The best word to describes this season is transition. We are about to say “farewell” to winter and  welcome spring. Are you feeling it, too? The temperature is rising, the sun brightens the sky more often and the first shy blooms are noticed in the parks and gardens. I’m not ready yet to leave my parka for my early morning walks, but I’m thinking it’s the right time to start searching the style for my new spring shoes.

Here, I gathered my favorite flat shoes for this season for comfy, yet stylish outfits. They are all made by independent designers from Stylewe.com fashion platform. I hope you will enjoy my selections and find them interesting.


1   Black Flat Heel Casual Spring/Fall Leather Loafer

2   Comfortable Casual Flat Heel Leather Flats

3   Orange Leather Flat Heel Bowknot Flats

4   Pink Flat Heel Suede Lace-up Pointed Toe Flats

5   Leather Bowknot Casual Comfort Loafers

6  Flat Heel Leather Lace-up Flats

7  Black Lace-up Flat Heel Casual Suede Pointed Toe Flats

8  Flat Heel Summer Leather Casual Loafers

9 Color-block Tassel Flat Heel Casual Loafers

10 Camouflage Athletic All Season Platform Split Joint Sneakers

11 Split Joint Leather Casual Brogues Oxford Shoes


So, what shoes would you select for Spring 2017? Have a beautiful day … xoxo!!!




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All opinions and selections are mine



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