Marble Throw Pillows


Happy new week everyone!

I don’t know if marble textures will be a trend for 2017. I’m happy to have original marble designs in my Society6 portfolio based on my photography and I feel honored and humbled every time someone prefers them among hundreds of others. I think marble throw pillows and marble phone cases are the most sold and they are ideal for a minimal style in our home and in our look. Here, I gathered my marble designs in throw pillows, square and rectangular. They are all made from 100% spun polyester poplin fabric, a stylish statement that will liven up any room, and they are individually cut and sewn by hand.

1    Marble and teal throw pillow   /  2   Arrows Collage throw pillow  /  3   Marble and black throw pillow  /  4   Marble and black rectangular pillow  /  5   Pink marble and dots throw pillow  /  6  Marble and teal rectangular pillow  /  7  Marble and aqua blue throw pillow  /  8 Marble and yellow throw pillow  /  9  Marble and mint throw pillow


What do you think about marble texture? Would you include them in your home?

These are my latest home styling collages for extra inspiration.


Minimalist Style

Minimalist Style by by-jwp featuring a black table


Living room - White Sofa

Living room – White Sofa by by-jwp featuring outside planters


Bedroom - Cement Elements

Bedroom – Cement Elements by by-jwp featuring modern home decor

Wish you all a beautiful week … xoxo!!!



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