10 + 1 Puffer Jackets And Down Coat To Wear This Winter

It is true that these days we are living in my country, as in all Europe a severe cold wave that in my thirty-seven years I don’t remember to have lived again, with the exception when visiting ski centers in high mountains. In my city, Thessaloniki, which is located near the sea, we have zero temperatures for more than five days, something that broke the records of the latest fifty years. The amount of snow is historical. And, maybe people who live in Northern countries and areas may laugh about the way we deal with this cold, but the truth is that it is so unusual to see Greek islands, like Santorini and Mykonos, the Acropolis in Athens and the White Tower in Thessaloniki to be covered with so much snow so many days…

Of course, it is unthinkable to go outside without very warm clothes. So, this post is inspired by the cold and it represents my ten and one favorite puffer jackets and down coats from stylewe.com, an online fashion shopping platform featuring independent designers. From black and burgundy red to sweet pink and trendy metallics, there are many options to choose for a comfy, yet stylish winter outfit. As for me, this year I wear a burgundy red down coat. But in the past, I had worn many other colors of puffer jackets and down coats. Black and white were among my usual safe choices.



Black Long Sleeve Hoodie Down Coat



Plain Casual Slit Hoodie Down Coat



Burgundy Long Sleeve Pockets Turtleneck Down Coat



Gray Hoodie Long Sleeve Down Coat



Dark Blue Casual Hoodie Down Coat



Casual Turtleneck H-line Long Sleeve Plain Down Coat



Black Long Sleeve Polyester Solid Down Coat



Casual Polyester Long Sleeve H-line Solid Down Coat



Red Polyester H-line Zipper Long Sleeve Down Coat



Black Hoodie Casual Solid Down Coat



Pockets Turtleneck Elegant H-line Down Coat


What do you think about velvet dresses? Would you wear them easily?

Wish you all a beautiful day … xoxo!!!



Post With Affiliate Links / All opinions and selections are mine
Collage: Joanna Papanikolaou / findawaybyjwp.com

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