DIY Advent Calendar 2016


Hello, everyone! Happy December! We have reached winter as the temperature goes down and down. Yesterday we saw the first snow of the year … yeah!!! And, my 5-year-old son and I had a crafty mood. We put our pens, scissors and chocolates on the desk in order to create our Advent Calendar for 2016. It is difficult to give guidelines in a strong-willed kid that believes his way is better but we cooperated well by leaving space and choices, eating some of the chocolates and making folders for more than 24 days!


  1. gift wrapping paper
  2. small wrapped chocolate bars
  3. scissors
  4. black marker
  5. confetti stars
  6. twine
  7. stapler – staple pins
  8. nails – hammer
  9. an old empty wooden frame that I have upcycled to a photo display with wire the previous year and you can see the instructions here.



  1. We made 24 simple small folders with the gift wrapping paper. Of course, you can just buy them instead of making them.
  2. We decorated them with Christmas confetti stars and we wrote the numbers with a black marker.
  3. We filled them with small wrapped chocolate bars. But you can fill them with ever you think is better, like candies and small toys.
  4. And, we hang the folders on the wires of the old frame using stapler pins because with twine they seemed too messy. You can also use clothes pins.


PS. The numbers 11 and 22 were written by my son! Wish you all a beautiful day … xoxo!!!









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