10 Stylish Items For Pretty Blog Photos

Everyone agrees that the photos are essential for pretty and interesting blog posts. For indoors photos, the critical issues are two: light and styling. We can control the first by choosing the right place near a wide sunny window and the right hours for shooting. Styling is also important and I’m always in the search of small pretty thing to match with my creations or present in my editorial photos. Here, I  gathered a list of affordable small things to beautify our snaps and lifestyle blogging photos.

#1  Clip Notes

Paper Clip Note Holder

#2  Binder Clips

#3  Faux Flowers

Fresh Cut Faux Peony Color: Pink

#4 Glass Votive

Koyal Wholesale Antique Glass Votive Cup

#5 Marble Tray

Victoria Marble Tray

#6  Jar Candles

Heart Top Fennel and Fig Jar Candle

#7 Figurines

Antelope Gold Figurine

#8 Decorative Items

Urchin Shiny Gold Objet

#9 Pretty Cups & Saucer

Wedgwood Arris Teacup and Saucer

#10 Pencil Cups

Ampersand Pencil Cup

I hope you will excuse my preference to gold and find my list interesting and inspiring. And, of course, the easy solution of elegant faux flowers is for the days we don’t have fresh blossoms available. Wish you all a beautiful day … xoxo!!!



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