7 Inspiring Lifestyle Magazines To Read

Image Credit: Pixabay


All is about inspiration whether is about art, photography, fashion, decoration, and of course life. And, there is no better way to train our eyes and spirit than to surround ourselves with inspiring things that show us where we want to reach. Here, I gathered my favorite lifestyle and fashion magazines that express my interests and style with the most accurate way.

I. Kinfolk Magazine

This is my first favorite magazine. I can’t resist looking its pages again and again. I truly love its style. And, it also has a great Instagram account.

II. Trouvé

Another creative lifestyle magazine to get lost inside its inspiring photography and pages.

III. Woven.

I never say no to inspiring stories, especially when they are about artists and craftsmen and their own journey. And, Woven is all about sharing these stories with the best way.

IV. Cereal.

Cereal is another top travel and style magazine that I love to flip through its pages.

V. Lone Wolf.

Lone Wolf is not just a fashion magazine. It also promises a transformative aesthetic journey through art and philosophy. Unique articles and great photography in order to deepen our fashion view.

VI. Darling.

Fashion magazine that aims to empower women. I really love their categories that reflect different types of women: hostess, dreamer, confidant, stylist, explorer, etc.

VII. Frankie.

Frankie is a multi-themed magazine that one can find almost everything: fashion, photography, art, design, music, travel, interiors and real life stories with a funny and sarcastic view.


Are you reading any one of them? If not, I definitely suggest to try it. You will find a lot of interesting and inspiring things to read. Wish you all a beautiful day … xoxo!!!


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