Marble Texture In Bedroom Decoration

I don’t know if the marble texture fascinates only lifestyle bloggers and photographers. From my experience with my friends and relatives who don’t have any idea and connection with blogging, Pinterest, and other social media trends, marble texture seems to leave them untouched. Of course, marble is a unique and valuable material of our nature that has been used throughout centuries to construct magnificent and historical creations of architecture and art. And, it is reasonable to be considered as conservative and restrict substance. And, that’s why I find so amazing this turn of marble usage from something old-fashioned, archaic, and “heavy” to something so fresh and trendy, but still classy.
It was inevitable to add in my portfolio marble textures, as I did in the past with other natural textures. Here, I present some of my Polyvore collages for bedroom decoration using marble texture and soft pastel colors. What is your opinion about marble in decoration and accessories?
Wish you all a beautiful day … xoxo!!!



Normann Copenhagen cord light (  /  Black and white lamp (  /  Marble and yellow throw pillow (  /  Under the Canopy gray euro sham  (  /  Vinyl wall sticker  (  / Cement planter  (  /  Voluspa fragrance candle (   /  Marble and Yellow duvet cover (  /  Holly s House round candle holder  (  / White furniture  (


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