Tripod Floor Lamps And Why To Buy

There is nothing more artistic and vintage in floor lamps than tripod floor lamps. Inspired by the golden age of cinema, they transform our space to a creative studio in a moment. There are many reasons why to choose a tripod floor lamp.

  • You are a big fan of cinema and photography and you want your living room /  TV room to look like a studio.
  • You like the industrial vintage style and everything with this design.
  • The dominant elements in your space are metal and leather. A metal tripod floor would be more than suitable for this decoration.
  • You want a lamp to brighten a specific spot in your space.

Do you find your case in these categories? Here, I made a selection of my favorite tripod floor lamps. And, I tried to include some affordable solutions. I hope you will find them interesting and inspiring.


ABCHomeCollection Hollywood 70″ Tripod Floor Lamp  /  Woodland Imports Studio 70″ Tripod Floor Lamp  / Dainolite 60″ Tripod Floor Lamp  /  Woodland Imports 66″ Tripod Floor Lamp  /  Dimond Lighting Legacies Ethan 74″ Tripod Floor Lamp  /  Woodland Imports Modern 75″ Tripod Floor Lamp  /  MacMeridian Milano 67″ Tripod Floor Lamp

Wish you all a beautiful day … xo xo!!!



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