Bomber Jackets Fall Trend And How To Wear

Bomber jackets are something you either love or hate to wear. Yet, no one could deny that their evolution is pretty charming. They don’t have to be just black or khaki army style.  They are now available in so many different colors, materials, and textures. This is the one reason I like them. They can serve many different styles without losing their nostalgic flair of the ’90s. The other reason I like them is that they match with everything. With jeans, pants, and leggings for a more casual look. With dresses and skirts for a more feminine appearance. They even match with this season’s more eccentric trends, like pleated skirts and metallics. Here, I gathered my favorite bomber jackets by is an online fashion shopping platform featuring independent designers.


Three Ways To Style A Bomber Jacket


1. Jeans – Pants – Leggings

Casual means one thing, comfort. And, comfort means jeans, comfy pants, or leggings. We can combine it with our favorite tee or sweater, and our flat shoes, from ankle boots to sneakers.


2. Skirts And Dresses

The charming in this look is that combines the ultimate feminine symbol with a masculine one. And, the outcome is pretty amazing with its controversy. For a safer choice, denim skirts, and little black dresses are ideal. You could match them with a bomber jacket and a pair of stylish sneakers.


3. Pumps

Whether you are the type A, aka jeans, pants, and leggings. Or, the type B, aka skirts and dresses, your street style will be lifted to another level if you leave aside your sneakers or flats and wear your favorite pumps. A pair of cool high heels will do the trick to improve our style and our mood in a moment.




Army Green Long Sleeve PU Camouflage Leather Jacket (Alicedudu)  /  Casual Long Sleeve Embroidered Bomber Jacket (SNSTELLER)  /  Black Letter Sweet Long Sleeve Bomber Jacket (PANAMI)  /  Black Floral Embroidered Bomber Jacket (TCG)  /   Navy Blue Buttoned Casual Bomber Jacket (LILITH A PARIS)  /  Pink Zipper Polyester Casual Bomber Jacket (intoROSA)  /  Pink Simple Zipper Polyester Bomber Jacket (Alicedudu) / Silver Color-block Casual Bomber Jacket (SFEISHOW)




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