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Is art journaling in your to-do list? Accept this daily drawing challenge with Creativebug online lessons.

An art journal is a notebook that is kept usually by artists as a personal record of images and sometimes words. From my childhood, I keep journals with my favorite quotes and notes from the books I’m reading and during university I started to art journaling without even knowing how it is called. It was my way to “dress” my poems and the lyrics I wrote for my friends’ rock band using my restless creativity and, of course, it was my unique way to express my thoughts and my feelings in the blank pages.

Then, I used my acrylic paints,my brushes, and my pens to create my art journal pages, but now that the miracle of the internet brought all these art expressions in the spotlight, there are many other materials to use even if you don’t know to paint or draw. You can make collage by using materials, like photos and pieces from magazines and newspapers, washi tapes, fabric pieces, stickers, stamps, and whatever you may think will express you.

With this background from my youth, I was really happy to find out that Creativebug has these 31 Art Journal Prompts with professional doodler, Dawn DeVries Sokol, for a month of art journaling inspiration. In these lessons, Dawn provides prompts to get you making art that is fun, intuitive and totally you. It includes comprehensive tutorials of how to create backgrounds, respond to prompts, and add embellishments, lettering, and collage along the way. Only from the images, I felt in love with her art and I hope you find them interesting too, whether you want to discover your art journaling talent or not.

As for me, I’m thinking that I should devote some time and take photos of my old art journals in order to post them in the future. That would be another challenge for me; to dig back to my adolescence and rethink the whys and wherefores, the musts and the shoulds! Oh gosh, this is an endless discussion! Wish you all a beautiful Thursday with the amazing August full moon in the sky … xo xo!!! Jo_

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