Reading – My Ten Best Of Goethe Quotes

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One of the books that I want to read, but I didn’t make it until now, is the Italian Journey by the German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. It is considered as one of his most inspirational works because it is based to the letters he wrote while travelling to Italy in order to fulfil his personal and artistic quests and leaving behind the fame and his duties in his country. It’s always interesting to read the journal of others, especially when it is written by great novelists and poets, like Goethe. Here, I gathered my ten favourite Goethe’s quotes. I think his words will remind you quotes of subsequent authors. Wish you all a peaceful Sunday … xo xo!!! Jo_

Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.

Talent develops in quiet places, character in the full current of human life.
Knowing is not enough; we must apply.Willing is not enough; we must do.
Thinking is more interesting than knowing, but less interesting than looking.
The mediator of the inexpressible is the work of art. 
We are shaped and fashioned by what we love
We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise, we harden.
The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving.
The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone.
At the moment of commitment the entire universe conspires to assist you.

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