DIY • Repurposing Map Wall Art

DIY Heart Map Wall Art by ioanna papanikolaou [FindAWayByJWPblog] SDC10199

The maps in decoration have something exotic and cosmopolitan. They can serve easily many different styles in interior design from classic to contemporary since we can choose from a large variety of products to add to our space; antique, old, silver, colorful, monochrome, etc. Many of us gather free or cheap maps from our travels, or maybe have some double maps. This could be great material for some easy and beautiful DIY projects. Almost everything can be covered by a map; tin cans, vases, small decorative plates, side tables and dressers. Spray adhesive and decoupage glue are some of the options to make the attachment. Other beautiful and easy crafts with maps are tags, envelopes, garlands, gift wrapping, coasters and of course instant wall art decoration.

This is a quick and easy DIY project to add a map to your wall gallery  with a lovely and creative way. I’ve made it while spending some days in my hometown. The materials are few and so easy to find. I used things that I found in my sister’s house, which has no connection with the DIY world.

So, these are the things I used:

  • frame
  • map
  • scissors
  • glue
  • white cardboard

I chose to give the shape of one big heart to the map. I found many other ideas, like many small hearts, many small circles, butterflies, even big letters to make words like ‘travel’, ‘explore’, ‘map’, etc.


  • Cut the map in the adorable shape.
  • Glue your pieces on a thick cardboard, white or black.
  • You can also make a mat for your frame by cutting the cardboard with a crafting knife in the desirable shape.
  • Put your composition in the frame and it’s ready to enrich your wall art gallery.

DIY Heart Map Wall Art by ioanna papanikolaou [FindAWayByJWPblog]  SDC10198

DIY Heart Map Wall Art by ioanna papanikolaou [FindAWayByJWPblog] SDC10195

It couldnt’t be more easy. Wish you all a happy new month … xo xo!!! Jo_




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