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One of my big loves is psychology. From my childhood, I like reading psychology books, attend in Psychology courses and, of course, take psychological tests. The previous week I found a very interesting free personality test through one of my favorite blogs, Design Mom.

The interesting part of this test doesn’t lie only in its questions, which deal with our perception in different situations, but also in its 16 different personality cases as results that are composed by four personality elements: introverted, intuitive, feeling and perceiving. According to the proportion of these elements, it analyzes the characteristics, the strengths and weaknesses, personal relationships and career options of your profile. My result was the INFP type that they named as humanists and they make up about the 7% of the population. They are highly independent and seek out creativity and freedom. They are cooperative and friendly and they are able to conceptualize “big-ideas” and theories.

You can take this test and discover your personality elements according to it, here:


I hope you will enjoy it and I will be glad to learn your results in the comments! Wish you all a recharging Sunday … xoxo!!! Jo_

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