Living Room • Pop Colors

On a white background, punches of bright colors, like red and yellow, look so artful. Here, a living room inspired by pop art and Mondrian paintings. The furniture follows the same midcentury modern style. Hope you will find it interesting! Wish you all a beautiful Saturday … xo xo!!! Jo_


POP _ MLF by by-jwp featuring pop art

Uttermost arc floor lamp
€365 –

Pop art
€26 –

Eye clock
€165 –

Abigail Ahern tropical home decor
€61 –

Cyan Design glass vase
€74 –

Throw pillow
€17 –

Picnic at Ascot floral decor
€79 –

Womb furniture
€760 –

Womb furniture
€760 –

€785 –

Furniture of America accent table
€145 –

Mondrian (Basic Art Series 2.0)
€13 –


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