Shabby Chic Style And 22 Fabulous DIY Ideas


The word shabby alone doesn’t promise more than poor condition through long use or lack of care; but if one adds the word chic beside, it immediately takes a new meaning. That’s when images of cottage-style decor, soft and opulent, recycling old and antique, come to mind, to decorate large country houses, inspired by an old French decorating style.


shabby by by-jwp featuring a retro table

The World of Interiors magazine took the credit for the shabby chic term in 1980. Influenced by Mediterranean cultures such as Provence, Tuscany, and Greece, shabby chic became extremely popular in the US in the ’90s using an eclectic mix of decorating styles. Here are some of the elements that could define shabby chic style:

  • Recycling old furniture and fabrics.
  • Heavily painted furniture with many layers.
  • The distressing finish on wooden surfaces.
  • Antique pieces.
  • Motifs on surfaces like depicting flower swags and garlands, cherubs.
  • Cotton and linens.
  • Pure whites, ecrus, and worn or bleached out pastel colors.
  • Vintage floral patterns.
  • Soft neutral hues such as sky blue, rose pink and beige tones.
  • Cotton ticking patterns or linen in earth tones.
  • Rococo-style lighting fixtures, furniture or wall paneling.
  • Hints from French-style interior design.
  • Vintage items and linens, chenille bedspreads and bark cloth fabric pillows.
  • Anything with roses in the design.



shabby chic bedroom

shabby chic bedroom by by-jwp featuring a metallic wallpaper

The shabby chic aesthetic is definitely feminine. It adopts a romantic decorating style and tries to achieve an elegant and artistic effect, but without lose its soft, comfortable and inviting character. It is not a coincidence that the original shabby chic interiors were usually considered in themselves works of art since it became popular again during the 1980s by the modern Bohemians and artisans.  (

From my part, I really like it – especially beach cottage chic – not only because it’s cosy without losing its eclectic characteristics, but also because it gives the inspiration for so many DIY projects and crafts. Here is an inspirational Shabby Chic board that I had curated for Hometalk, this amazing community for home improvement and DIY. I hope you will find them interesting and useful! Happy new week everyone … xo xo!!!


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