Living Room • Purple & Orange

Purple and orange surely are a daring combination. If I had to choose a corner in our home for these intrigue colors, I guess it would be my reading nook. Purple adds a sophisticated mood. It actually symbolizes wisdom, according to color theories. And, orange balances purple gravity with its playful warmth. What do you think about them? Would you choose their combination in your space? Wish you all a beautiful Saturday … xo xo!!! Jo_
Purple Orange

Kartell ceiling light
€205 –

Universal Lighting and Decor black lamp
€89 –

Framed wall art
€33 –

Book box
€41 –

Cultural Intrigue glass candleholder
€5,65 –

Majestic Home Goods bean bag chair
€220 –

Thrive mid century modern furniture
€1.335 –

Glass coffee table
€255 –


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