DIY Easy Wall Hanging Macrame

Definitely, macrame isn’t something new for me. I remember myself around 16 years old to knit a whole backpack with rope. It was the year that my mother was teaching ways of macrame knittings to other women and when she was practicing at home, we were learning from her. But before this, back in late ’80, I remember my mother making macrame lampshades, pot hangers, and curtains. In our first home with my hubby, I had put one of this lampshades in the kitchen and it was really beautiful. I must find it again and show it to you in the future.

So, I was happy to find out in many home decor photos that macrame is back. And among them, I distinguished a simple wall hanging project that was so cool, despite its simplicity. And, I wanted to try it immediately. It’s not difficult to find its material anyway. You will need few things to do it:

• cotton rope
• driftwood
• scissors
• acrylic painting and brushes for colorful details

••• Step 1

Decide the length of your desired macrame and cut the rope in many equal pieces.

••• Step 2

Tie your pieces on the driftwood making this beautiful basic macrame knot.

••• Step 3

Make many of them to reach your desired width.

••• Step 4

Make colorful details. I mixed water with acrylics and put the edges of macrame in order to add a splash of color. I also painted small stripes in the edges of the wood. You can leave this step if you want a completely natural look.

3 Macrame wall hanging - CSC_0962

2 Macrame wall hanging - _CSC0964

Macrame wall hanging - CSC_0960

And, my simple wall hanging macrame is ready! The small one is made by our little crafter!!! What do you think? Aren’t they beautiful?

Wish you all a beautiful day!


7 thoughts on “DIY Easy Wall Hanging Macrame

  1. I’d love to make one of these to put in a door frame. The house I bought was built in 1907. There are doors EVERYWHERE. My husband and I removed most of the doors, but there are a few doorways I’d like to put up one of these! Love the dipping the bottom in color!

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