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photo / Laurel & Wolf

Hello, everyone! I hope to find you well!


Today, I will share my latest finds in home decoration and another valuable place to get inspired that I discovered during my research for remodeling our living room.

The truth is  that the decoration of our living room is a matter that we haven’t solved yet. The birth of our son found us in our new home and in the beginning, we didn’t have the time to focus on it. After his first birthday, we decided to postpone decoration because our son as a toddler was very curious and restless, experimenting, playing and moving everything in our space. Now that he is nearly five, I have started searching how to remodel our living room in a way that will fit our needs as a family and will have a character.

It is easy to decide the style of a room when it is about one man’s taste, but when it’s for a family, then you have to consider a list of things, like solving a riddle. Both my husband and I like white, gray, and neutral hues. We want our space to be bright with dominant white color and plenty of light. Heavy and dark furniture is not in our choices because we think that will overfill our small apartment. We like the minimal, yet comfy, style. The wall decoration is the only thing that we don’t agree. I really love the walls to be covered with different kind of artworks, from paintings to photographs. On the contrary, my husband believes that the less “noisy” are the walls, the more comfortable he feels . And, of course, our beloved son wants a comfy and open space to play and move when we are sitting together in our living room. Soft fabrics and rugs, round furniture and the lack of hard edges I think that could enhance this feeling.

So, searching for decorating ideas and what we call “before & after stories”, which I absolutely love reading because they give you real examples of how to apply a style in a specific space, I distinguished Laurel & Wolf blog. It’s so interesting to discover how a room changes completely with the right decoration and how it is destroyed with a bad one. Through their projects, I found many stylish examples that they could fit in our apartment and I was surely inspired by the remodeled rooms, which look like a cover page without forgetting the needs of real living. It’s always so constructive to have a closer look to the opinion of talented experts.

photo / Laurel & Wolf


photo / Laurel & Wolf



photo / Laurel & Wolf



Wish you all an easy-going Thursday … xo xo!!!



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