10 Things I Didn’t Know About Daydreaming

This post is the sum up of a small research I’ve made about daydreaming. Before few days, I had a conversation with friends, which started with the idea that daydreamers are so out of the reality. They are lazy and they prefer living unreal situations in order to avoid the truth. Personally, I don’t agree with this opinion. I believe that any form of innovative creation and invention, from art and entrepreneurship to maths and science, needs a portion of fantasy as the important condition to go further from the known lands. So, I settled down in my nook and read a lot about daydreaming; after all, psychology is another favourite subject for me. Here, I will share with you the. I hope you will find them interesting, too.

1 • Half to one-third of our mental activity is daydreaming.

2 • An average person daydreams every 90 minutes. This is set by biological cycles of temperature and hormones level.

3 • Daydreaming can be controlled, unlike the sleeping dreams.

4 • Daydream is usually reduced as we get older.

5 • Daydreaming helps us organize our life.

6 • Daydream can make new associations and connections as it can use rare complex brain cells and subconsciously stored knowledge.

7 • Daydream forces regions of the brain, which are not strongly connected, to communicate.

8 • Daydreaming is referred as our “default” mode thought and it is considered a fundamental feature of our brain.

9 • Sigmund Freud was considering daydreamers as “infantile” in their thinking.

10 • Visualization is a form of daydreaming that is used by athletes, musicians, and other performers to prepare them for a successful execution.

I think the more you read about daydreaming, the more you are inspired. I guess that healthy daydreaming is about creativity and fulfillment. As Sigmund Freud wrote phantasy and daydream is like the thread of the wish that runs through past, present and future. You can find more interesting things in the sources below.

Wish you all a beautiful and recharging Sunday!!!



Daydreaming – http://psychology.jrank.org/pages/163/Daydreaming.html

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Freud on Creative Writing and Daydreaming – http://www.brainpickings.org/2012/10/15/freud-creative-writers-and-day-dreaming

Play, Playfulness, Creativity, and Innovation – Patrick Bateson and Paul Martin – Cambridge University Press, 2013

Innovation, Strategy and Risk in Construction: Turning Serendipity Into Capabitiy by Martin Loosemore, Routledge, 2014


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