Steps To Style A Stunning Buffet Table

Styling a buffet table depends mainly on the quality of the furniture and the choices of the whole decor. Yet, there are some simple steps to everyone can follow in order to create an harmonical and stunning setup.
  • Decide if your decor would be thematic and choose a statement piece of artwork.
  • Add one or two table lamps in the edges of the furniture.
  • Use floral decor to give life and freshness in the background. If you are a plant type, you can choose one easy house plant with vivid green leaves, like a jade plant, spider plant, snake plant, sweetheart plant, cactus, etc. If you prefer flowers, you can play with their colors and textures.
  • Include in the set your favourite books in order to make it more personal.
  • Finish the decor with elegant decorative details according to the whole style. Glass boxes, terrariums, candles, and candle holders, photo frames featuring special moments, are only some of the endless choices one can have.

Buffet Table

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