Bedroom • Metal vs Pink


It’s true that opposites are attracted. And, some days you search your opposite element just to reflect. Gray metal and a vibrant pink are making a strong couple. Here, they are used to create a playful, yet elegant, atmosphere and a bound combination for the bedroom decor.

metal vs pink

metal vs pink by by-jwp featuring horizontal wall art

French table lamp
€125 –

Beige bedding

Cooper Classics black mirror
€180 –

Quartz clock
€13 –

Kate Spade candles candleholder
€54 –

Inspirational wall plaque
€25 –

Paper fan
€8,10 –

Nearly Natural flower arrangement
€33 –

Horizontal wall art
€18 –

Vinyl clock
€19 –

Pink chair
€44 –

Recycled furniture
€605 –

Refresh king bed
€37 –


What do you think? Would you choose such an electrified combo? Wish you a beautiful day … xo xo!!!



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