DIY CRAFTS • Easter Chalk Paint Eggs

DIY CHALK PAINT EGGS by ioanna papanikolaou [FAWbyJWP]DSC_0440_1588

The previous year I had decided to make some Easter decoration since our son, three and a half years old, could participate more in the preparations. I wanted to make some eggs with black doodles and hang them on branches, but I didn’t find white eggs. So, I decided to paint the brown I bought with white chalk paint, keeping also some of their appearance for a more natural result. Chalk paint is something like obsession. Once you start painting, you can’t stop; you just want to paint everything.


  • eggs

  • needle, or thin hand drill

  • syringe

  • paintbrush

  • white chalk paint


DIY CHALK PAINT EGGS by ioanna papanikolaou [FAWbyJWP] collage


step 1

This year I discovered a very easy way to empty the eggs. I made two holes, one small in the top and one larger in the bottom, using a thick needle. You can also use a thin hand drill. Then, I put in the small hole the syringe (without the needle) and pressed it to blow out the inside in a bowl.

step 2

I washed the inside with water. I cleaned up the outside with a wet cloth.

step 3

Paint the egg! Whether you paint your eggs all white (my son covered his own egg with all his white paint … we had to wait one whole day to dry…), or you want to make patterns and motifs, there are several choices according to your taste and your free time.

step 4

When I finished the painting and let the eggs dry, I made some hangers with natural twine. The “secret” is to make a large knob fit in the hole. So, when I put the knob inside the egg hole, it couldn’t go out. And, I chose to hang the new chalk paint eggs from some branches I had gathered and painted the previous day.

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