Living Room • Powder Pink

Powder pink is one of this season’s trend among other pastels. I think that this shade could replace easily neutrals in the living room and it could add sweetness and softness in our space, without looking too girly or childish. It’s also physically soothing and refreshing, like the fresh spring blossoms, especially if you combine it with white and gray.

powder pink


powder pink by by-jwp featuring an oak table

ELK Lighting ceiling light
€360 –

Framed wall art
€33 –

Ceramic vase

Metallic home decor
€100 –

Gold throw pillow
€34 –

Muuto white box
€165 –

Nearly Natural green tree
€40 –

Black candle holder
€23 –

Muuto modular furniture
€1.385 –

HAY oak table
€230 –

Wish you all a beautiful Saturday … xo xo!!!



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