Low Cost Decorating Ideas For Balcony

Image Credit: Pixabay

Βalconies, patios and terraces are usually the only outdoor space of an apartment and in this small space we want them to be many things; to be cozy and cheerful, to have pretty decoration and furniture, natural elements and healthy plants and all these to function harmonically. This post includes mood boards of low
-cost furniture and decorating items (under $50) and could help you discover your favourite style through examples, lists of inspiring articles and a quiz in the end. I started a small research the previous week after spending my day cleaning up the mess in our balcony. The severe cold of this winter had destroyed many of our plants and flowers. Few managed to survive: ivy and golden pothos, our small olive tree and lemon tree, two cacti, a ficus elastica and yellow chrysanthemums. Now, I’m searching ideas to change the style of our balcony as the previous years with our baby growing, it had stayed extremely minimal. I think it’s time to make more with our veranda as he is already three and a half. But, there are several styles I like – I feature some of my favourite in this post – and it’s so difficult to decide.


○○○ Contemporary

Contemporary is all about things happening right now. Stylish comfort, ‘clever’ gardening gadgets, interesting decorative items, aesthetic and functionality. These guidelines can be interpreted in many different forms and designs serving the goal for a comfortable balcony.

Garden All Green • Under $50 Items

Garden All Green • Under $50 Items by by-jwp featuring garden decor

○○○ Minimal

More is less according to minimalism. This means to get rid all the unnecessary accessories, to have few healthy well-shaped plants in black or white flower pots, to stay in strict lines and things that match harmonically with space.

garden black & white

garden black & white by by-jwp featuring black votive candles


○○○ Shabby Chic

Daydream and romantic mood, elegant furniture and antiques distressed edges, pastel fabrics and floral textiles, vintage decorative items, white curtains and rattan baskets, white and pink flowers.

Garden Shabby Chic

Garden Shabby Chic by by-jwp featuring scented candles

○○○ Boho / Oriental

Warm tones, comfy furniture, multicolor fabrics and Indian rugs, hippie bohemian patterns, drapes, eastern details, vintage lanterns, aromatic candles, garlands and flags and lots of plants; all these characteristics synthesize the bright mixed style we call boho chic decor. The rule is one: freedom of expression. And, it means that every combination of different patterns and colors and textures is permitted.

balcony red oriental

balcony red oriental by by-jwp featuring wind chimes

○○○ Nautical / Coastal

White, navy and coastal blues, aquamarine, red or beige details, striped patterns, every kind of nautical and seaside themed items: ropes, knobs, ship’s wheels, lighthouses, anchors, seashells, pebbles, sand, lanterns, white or turquoise candles. All the elements could help bring the coastal air to your balcony and patio. Whether one calls it nautical or coastal decor, beach or Mediterranean theme, I love it because it can have many different versions from intense colors and heavy decoration to more pastel hues and minimal approach according to one’s taste and preferences.

Nautical Balcony

Nautical Balcony by by-jwp featuring an abstract rug

○○○ Colorful / Pop

In my first steps on Pinterest, I had found and pinned a very beautiful small balcony with bright walls and colorful accessories. This pin turned out to be one of the most repinned from all my boards. People always like bright cheerful colors! Pink, red, blue, green, yellow … Solid pop colors in furniture, fabrics and accessories. Colourful flowers like chrysanthemums, petunias, geraniums and roses that need little care and plants with vivid green and thick foliage, like ivy, fern and succulents.

garden orange turquoise

garden orange turquoise by by-jwp featuring outdoors patio furniture

And, if you are like me – not quite sure about what decoration style to choose, you can take this quiz on Houzz and discover your favourite decoration style. I’m coastal according to the quiz and this result is so in my preferences … And you? What ‘s your favourite style? Wish you all a beautiful Tuesday … xo xo !!!




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  1. επιασες ωραιο θεμα Ιωαννα! καθε χρονο αλλαζω το μπαλκονι και καθε χρονο κατι του λειπει. θα μελετησω τις προτασεις σου!!!!

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