Decoding Scandinavian Bedroom – Five Essentials

Nordic homes have found the golden point where functionality, simplicity, and innovation are met. Their interiors are always examples of luminous sophistication and harmonious mixing of eclectic items. Last week I made some Scandinavian bedroom sets and two of the became Top Sets and featured on the home page of Polyvore. So, I thought to make this post in order to decode Nordic style for our room.


To transform a bedroom into a Nordic nook, you don’t need so much. Here, I gathered some of the essential characteristics.

• Dominant white. White is definitely the dominant color of the Scandinavian style. White walls, white floors, white furniture, and linen. This white canvas is usually balanced with small portions of colors like gray, black, neutrals and pastels.

• Textures. Scandinavian seems to be ideal for fall and winter as it usually combines many different warmth textures. Fur and leather are mixed up harmonically with cotton, linen and hemp, creating layers on beds, sofas, and armchairs. I really love sheepskins on armchairs, blankets on beds, and knitted cushions on sofas. They add comfort and luxury to every space. Preferable colors are black and white, gray, neutrals and pastels.

• Black and white typography and photography. This is the part I really love. Quotes and words in simple monochrome posters; monochrome photos of portraits, or street scenes; all create a powerful, yet discreet wall art gallery. You can combine different sizes and frames and, instead of hang them, you can place them on a console, or even on the floor.

• Natural wood. White background and clear lines are matched easily with natural wood elements and details. A bedside table, a chair, or a stool can balance the absence of colors and enhance warmth and comfort.

• Details. Handmade decorative items, plants in minimal pots, candles. Scandinavian style always maintains in few things, but with the purpose to reveal your personal taste. Geometric shapes, simple lines, neutral shades, resistant plants with big green leaves, or unconventional cacti, are among the choices for a unique Nordic bedroom. Just stay plain and clean-cut!


Bedroom by by-jwp featuring Capital Lighting


Bedroom by by-jwp featuring a black throw blanket

Wish you all a peaceful week … xoxo!!!



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