How To Revamp Bathroom Decoration For Winter

What I like in decoration is that with small changes like adding new colors or new accessories, one can change completely the mood of the decoration in a room. The bathroom is the easiest place to practice as it is usually small and it has countable things to be changed. A shower curtain with a winter theme, gray and white in towels and bath mat to imitate the color of snow and frost, cute accessories with snowflakes, with small changes we can give to our space a seasonal mood. With this inspirational board, that was featured in the Top Sets on Polyvore, I’ve tried to express an icy mood, an inner need for quietness and cleanness. What do you think? Would you give up vivid colors and choose this pale palette for your bathroom?

Wish you all a beautiful week … xo xo!!!
winter bathroom decoration



2 thoughts on “How To Revamp Bathroom Decoration For Winter

  1. αχ! αυτο το κανω κ εγω στο μπανιο…γιατι ειναι κ το μονο δωματιο που μπορεις να αλλαξεις ευκολα κ οικονομικα! υπεροχες επιλογες Ιωαννα μου 🙂


  2. Εγώ πάλι έκανα το άκρως αντίθετο! Άλλαξα την χειμωνιάτικη κουρτίνα του μπάνιου και έβαλα παραπάνω χρώμα χιχιχι! Όπου ξεσπάει ο καθένας!


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