Ef Zin In My Hands

Efzin in my hands by ioanna papanikolaou CSC_1149

I think I’ve made thousand of outfits with this small cute cross made by EfzinCreations. You can see them all in my Polyvore page. I have this romantic view about handmade items; that they carry a piece of their creator inside. And, Zina confirms that with the best way as she is one of the amazing people I had the chance to meet through blogging. Reading her blog and following her crafts and DIY tutorials, it was easy to fall in love in many of her creations, not to say all of them. So, I use these small items not only because they are pretty cute, but they also carry the energy of their creator: generous, joyful and gentle. Moreover, they have this magic name that in ancient Greek means well-being, to live (“ζην<ζω”) well (“ευ”).


Last Friday was my birthday and this was the small gift to myself. I can’t resist not mentioning the random symbolism it creates. There is no better wish than this I think; to live well. And, it’s a pity that this photograph can’t carry the sound of this moment. To hear the laugh of my four-year-old boy when I was photographing his hands. It’s a miracle that I succeeded one clear photo.

ef zin by ioanna papanikolaou CSC_1150

With my fabulous necklace, another surprise has arrived inside the lovely package of EfzinCreations. A pair of beautiful retro studs earrings as an extra gift from Zina. She is always such a carrying person!!! Thank you so much!!! I hope to meet always beautiful and positive people like you!!! Where you can find Zina and her pretty creations …

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Wish you all a recharging weekend … xo xo!!!


basic and roses

 • • •

black and white summer outfit

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10 thoughts on “Ef Zin In My Hands

  1. Such a lovely tribute!!!
    I appreciate these sweet handmade jewelry and your article is beautiful, like the idea of ​​making the product photo in the hands of your little child. So well done!

    Have a nice weekend!



  2. Τι υπεροχη αναρτηση ειναι αυτη???? με συγκινησες Ιωαννα!!!!! και μονο η φωτο με τα χερακια του πριγκιπα σου, ειναι οτι καλυτερο!!!!! Σε ευχαριστω παρα πολυ για όλα κουκλα και πραγματικα χαιρομαι και που σε εχω γνωρισει ως ανθρωπο αλλα και ως καλλιτεχνη!

    Καλοφορετο και με τις καλυτερες ευχες μου!!!!! Να εισαι παντα καλα και ευτυχισμενη 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Χαίρομαι πολύ που σου άρεσε Ζήνα μου!!! Ήταν κάτι που ήθελα να κάνω εδώ και πολύ καιρό… 🙂 Ελπίζω να επαναληφθεί και στο μέλλον και με άλλα υπεροχα που φτιάχνεις… !!! Πολλά φιλιά!!! Καλή σου βδομάδα!!!


  3. Αληθινά μια υπέροχη ανάρτηση! Νομίζω περιεγραψες την Ζήνα ακριβώς όπως είναι! Εγώ δεν την γνωρίζω προσωπικά αλλά αυτό μου βγάζει!!! Να σε χαιρόμαστε Ιωάννα μου, να τα 100 και εύχομαι στη ζωή σου να χαμογελάς και να σκας από υγεία!!!Με γεια τα υπέροχα δώρα σου!!! Να μου φιλήσεις αυτά τα λιλιπούτεια χέρια !!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Πανέμορφο το μαύρο σταυρουδάκι αλλά τόσο χαριτωμένα και τα κουμπιά – σκουλαρίκια! Με γειά Ιωάννα μου, καλοφόρετα… εξαιρετικές επιλογές από μία εξαιρετική κυρία (Ζίνα)

    Liked by 1 person

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