Kids Room Makeover – Happy Mountains

Hello, everyone!
I hope you are having an easy Thursday! The weekend of the last elections here in Greece, it was a great chance for my two boys (son and hubby) to make a short trip to my husband’s village in Prespes on their own. So, I had plenty of time and space to paint my son’s room. It was something I wanted to do desperately.

My last post for my boy’s room was two years before when I have painted the walls half light blue in a wavy like, like a sea, and left the rest white. I had bought then a great set of wall decals with fish, bubbles, and other happy sea creatures to apply them on the walls. You can see his room here.

After two years of endless playing by my son, not only with his toys but also with the stickers as they could stick and unstick many times without leaving grosses, the sea creatures immigrated on the closet where they could be played more easily. And, the walls remained empty and had to be refreshed because our little star had paint on them many sketches and other beautiful things with his colorful pencils and his small tools.


The inspiration came from here. I saw this nursery in Pinterest and it was impossible to choose something different from the time I saw it. The colors were five (dark gray, light gray, very light gray, light yellow and white) and the paint was done in three stages:
• Firstly, I paint the walls from the bottom to the middle dark gray in wavy line in order to be the ground.

• When the walls dried, I formed the borders of the mountains by applying paper tape. The mountains start from the gray dark area and end before the top of the wall. They look like triangles of different sizes. I painted them light gray. 

• After the mountains dried, I painted the rising sun with a lemon yellow. The paper tape again helped me to make a semi-circle and paint inside the borders. With a very light gray (I mixed white paint with five small drops of gray), I’ve painted the snow on the tops of the mountain. I left the old blue in some points because I wanted to look like a sea and lakes, refreshing it with the same hue. 

•  For the rest decoration of the scene, I cut a yellow cardboard to small triangles in order to make the rays of the sun with a geometrical style. I applied them with glue pads for walls. My mom had bought a set of paper planes and clouds that I stuck them on the wall with the same way in order to create a more playful scenery. Behind one of the planes, I put a yellow cardboard stripe, on which I glued my son’s name with letters I have bought from a Tiger store.

My son was really happy to see the new decoration of his room. When he returned from the village, he over welcomed it with enthusiasm and joy! It was surely a big surprise and of course, he had more ideas. For example, to add trees and rivers, and a farm with people and animals and other happy creatures playing… We will see the next time … ☺ !!! Wish you all a beautiful day …  xoxo !!!
For more ideas, you can follow my Pinterest board for nursery and kids room:

8 thoughts on “Kids Room Makeover – Happy Mountains

  1. Πανέμορφο το δωμάτιο του!!! γεια στα χέρια σου μανούλα… και μόνο που το ετοίμασες εσυ είναι όνειρο!!! μπράβο … ειλικρινά το ζήλεψα ❤ Καλό μήνα Ιωάννα μου και να χαίρεσαι το μωράκι σου!!!


  2. Απλά υπέροχο!!!!!! Γεια στα χέρια σου Ιωάννα μου! Σίγουρα οι άντρες σου θα έμειναν με ανοιχτό το στόμα όταν επέστρεψαν! Καλό μήνα και πάντα έτσι δημιουργική και χρυσοχέρα :**


  3. Έχω μείνει άφωνη!!!! Εκπληκτική δουλειά και εκτέλεση… δίνει πολύ ηρεμία στο δωμάτιο αλλά συγχρόνως είναι παιχνιδιάρικο. Γεια στα χέρια σου Ιωάννα μου… Φιλιά και καλό ΣΚ


  4. Φοβερή δουλειά Ιωάννα μου! Αγαπώ πολύ το γκρι που επέλεξες! Θα ήθελα να ήμουν πάλι παιδί να ζωγραφίζω δεντράκια στους τοίχους!


  5. Τώρα που τελείωσες με του μικρού το δωμάτιο, δεν έρχεσαι και απο το δικό μου??? :))) Έγινε τέλειο!!! Ειδικά με το χιόνι στην κορυφή!! Καταλαβαίνω απόλυτα το γιο σου και την χαρά του..
    Μου άναψες φωτιές να ζωγραφίσω βουνά στο εξτρα δωμάτιο που έχω και το χρησιμοποιώ σαν craft room! χιχιχι Καλημέρα!


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