Guest post. Six Essential Steps To Revamp Your Autumnal Evenings

Autumn is all about going back to our routines, set new goals for the upcoming season and try to make the most of ourselves in order to complete our daily tasks successfully. As the weather gets colder and daily demands are increased, creating a warm and cozy nook to over welcome us when we return home, is almost essential. It’s a way to relax and – why not? – spoil ourselves at the end of a strenuous day. Here are six steps that could help us revamp our evening routine with an autumnal flair.



1. Warm textures

There is nothing more comfortable than warm textures covering us gently in our sofa when the temperatures get low: a fine lightweight cashmere blanket, animal-inspired materials, and fur throws, knitted items, and wall tapestries. All give the sense of snugness and autumnal luxury in our space. Preferable hues can vary according to your taste, from the timeless neutrals, like gray and beige, to the seasonal warm colors, like brown, red and yellow, or more fashionable, like the seventies palette of teal, mustard, and dark blue.



2. Quality Of Sleep

We spend almost one-third of our lives sleeping, which is actually a lot of the time. All research demonstrates the benefits of a good sleep for our health, mental growth, and good life. It’s really important to feel cozy in our bed and quality of our bedding really matters. We should choose carefully a good mattress and fine quality bedding in order to offer us the best sleep experience for this season.



pic 2


3. Candles

Representing the element of fire, candles are the true passe-partout of our home decoration. In the summer, they offer us the exotic sense of vacations in our home and in the winter they spread their warmth and their soft light in the cold evenings. They don’t have to be too expensive in order to bring their luxe scents into our room. Just search candles made by natural materials and discover your favorite aromas for autumn.




4. Books

Books are one of greatest exercises for our brain. New research highlights the need to read one book per week. Of course, it hasn’t had to be a huge one, but something that we are really interested in. Including reading in our evening rituals could benefit ourselves from many aspects. You can make a good start by choosing your reading nook and placing some of your favorite books on a coffee table near your favorite armchair in order to remember them in the evening. Don’t neglect the right lighting for this area in order to have a comfortable reading.




5. Comfy clothes and slippers

It’s essential to feel comfortable when we return home. Wearing smooth fabrics in loose lines with our favorite colors is a great way to cast off the worries and the stress of the day. A pair of quality slippers will keep our foot free-sweat, warm and comfy.




6. Habits

Our internal world is equally important to our external world and it’s essential to devote some time to ourselves, as we devote our time to our family and friends, our work, and home. Revamping our autumnal evenings is a chance to think about our habits. Spend our time with quality, meditate more, set every evening new goals, big or small, feel grateful for our life. Our purpose should be to live more mindfully, enjoy all the things we have and remember dreaming not only in our sleep.


Hugs & kisses !!!




Most of the photos are by, a luxury bedding essentials brand based in Venice Beach, designed in LA, made in Italy and delivered directly to customers, Parachute simplifies the purchasing process to make premium quality bedding accessible.

4 thoughts on “Guest post. Six Essential Steps To Revamp Your Autumnal Evenings

  1. Επιτέλους μπορούμε να χουχουλιάσουμε!!! Πολύ ωραίες οι προτάσεις σου, ανυπομονώ να κουκουλώνομαι με μία κουβερτούλα στον καναπέ. Καλό φθινόπωρο να έχουμε. Φιλιά πολλά :*

    Υ.Γ. Έχω ψιλομπερδευτεί με τα ιστολόγιά σου…. ποιο είναι το βασικό;


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