My hair-o-scope. HairStyle And Hair Tips for Libras

Happy autumnal equinox, lovelies! Today is the first official Fall day, Libra birthdays start and as a Libra with a big love in beauty and style, I want to share my latest discovery in styling and astrology, my hair-o-scope by Madison-reed and some hair tips for all of us that we were born between 23rd September and 22nd October.

Libra is the synonym of balance, harmony, and beauty. Yeah, sometimes we tend to become a little indecisive in the chase of the best solution, or a little lazy because we like comforts, or maybe materialists because we can’t resist in beautiful things. But, we all have our weaknesses and it’s better to concentrate on our strong elements. This is not difficult at all for Libras, due to our positive nature, and all recognize our diplomacy, nobility, and charm.

To feel comfortable, a Libra wants everything to be well-balanced and harmonious on her, from hair to makeup and clothes. Who doesn’t after all? Although Libra dare to make big changes in their hair, they return and hold the hairstyle that they think it expresses them most. I always consider that brown shades highlight my sophisticated side and make a nice contrast with the cool hues of my skin. So, after experiencing red or blonde hair colors for a while, I return to my natural color. As my hair-o-scope says, “a rich vibrant color just one shade deeper conveys the gravity of our personality“. You can check your hair color in this fast and easy color-advisor test and discover the ideal color shades for your hair. I’m on the right color path according to the results.

Libra haircuts try to balance classic forms and modern elements with a feminine flair. It’s rare for Libras to choose eccentric styles but if you belong to this category, it’s time to search more about your ascendant’s sign and planets! One of the main problems with my wavy hair is frizzing. I do a nice hairstyle, I go out and then it is transformed into a lion’s mane! So, it wasn’t a surprise to see that my hair-o-scope suggests anti-frizzing products to tame this tendency. I guess I’m too Libra!

For all of you sweeties that you belong to the rest eleven zodiac signs, you can read your unique hair-o-scope here.

Wish you a beautiful day!

Madison Reed is a hair products company creating the finest quality home hair care experience that is both high touch and high tech. This post is not a sponsored post.

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